IRP1063V10 6U Rackmount 3.78" Low Profile VENTED Panel

6U Vented Panel
Model# Description Price
IRP1063V10 6U Rackmount short depth VENTED Panel. $179.00 BUY


The most difficult part of custom mounting your equipment in an enclosure is drilling precision mounting holes. Unless you have a large CNC machine at your disposal, you will have to drill holes manually with a hand held drill. It is a time consuming and error-prone process. With our slotted panel design, you can reduce your drilling time and mistakes. One of the advantage for using our adjustable depth slotted panel is no more drilling. It is not a precision way to mount your equipment but it gets the job done. You can either use plastic cable ties or M4 screws with hex nuts to secure your equipment through these slits. This method is a faster and more cost effective way for prototyping your design.
Our adjustable depth design gives you the options to mount the solid panel recessed, centered or flushed mount position. You can add additional panel to maximize installation space.
Our adjustable panels are fully compatible with our filler panel (RCB1090). Our filler panels can be use as cover, or as custom build instrumentation panel. Check out our application note for more ideas. We offer complete slotted panel selections from 3U to 10U size.


  • Easy to install and integrate into industrial control panel design.
  • Heavy Duty construction
  • Perforated panel
  • (2) large rectangle cable access ports on both right and left side.
  • Supports any standard EIA-310 rackmount cabinet.
  • Optional Rear Expansion mounting bracket for additional DIN Rail and PVC wire duct installation.
  • Ideal for custom mounting power supply, CPU and DIN Rail.


Perforated Slots.
Three large rectangle cable access holes on both the right and left side.
(4) #10-32 rack screws, and (6) M4 screws.
14 Gauge, 1.98mm
12 Gauge
Black Paint finish
Not Available
100 LB Max.
10 LB
18.89" x 10.5" x 3.78"
Limited 3 year warranty

Technical Document

Description Download
1 IRP1063V10 Dimensional CAD Drawing. PDF
2 IRP1063V10 Installation Manual N/A
3 IRP1063V10 360 Degree View PDF PDF
4 3D STEP and DWG files available upon request. Need major or minor modification? Call for detail.

Application Note

Ideal for Automation, Process Control, Testing Equipment, Clean room, Solar and Wind Energy industry.