Industrial Enclosures

Industrial Enclosures

We design and manufacture broad range of industrial enclosures for different type of application from light duty enclosure for date center to heavy-duty enclosures for factory automation industries. Our selection including computer enclosures, cabinet enclosures, wallmount enclosures, table top enclosures, NEMA enclosures, DIN Rail Equipment enclosures and Monitor Enclosures. Most of them are for general and multipurpose usage. If you have a project that needs enclosures for specific application, feel free to discuss your application need with our sales engineer. Our can help you with your application need.

Computer Enclosures (coming soon)

Our computer enclosures are design according to ATX, mATX, ITX and EATX standard. Available options are 1U, 2U, 4U and 6U computer chassis. Our ATXBlade is unique blade chassis design for compact and higher density computing need.

PC Blade Enclosures

Our PC blade enclosures selection includes 5 node, 8 node and 10 nodes.

Din Rail Equipment Enclosures

We have the largest DIN Rail rackmount panels from 3U up to 10u in size and supporting accessories. Our Din Rail panel design offers solid structure support as well as flexibility to maximize your rack space.

Monitor Enclosures

We offer either partially enclosed or fully enclosed CRT and LCD Monitor enclosures for 17” to 23”.


2U Rackmount Din Rail Panel


2U Rackmount Din Rail Panel 5 Pack version